Sales Manager


We are currently looking to hire a Sales and Marketing Manger in the following markets:

  • North Orlando (Seminole county)
  • Dallas

Job Description:

Works from home, selling affordable advertising to businesses to help them reach local families in the community. Must be available to work Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am - 5pm to meet with potential advertisers in person and on the phone, and to respond to emails.

The number of days and hours worked are up to the discretion of the sales/marketing manager. This is a position where the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. That being said, the minimum number of hours is 15 hours a week.

Job Responsibilities:

Selling ads, arranging promotional trade deals and running giveaways. We provide a comprehensive training program, templates, leads, and tons of support!

Skills & Qualifications:

Experience in sales, marketing, and/or customer service is required.

  • Interpersonal Skills – is outgoing, friendly, easy to work with and approachable.
  • Communication Skills – speaking, listening, and writing effectively.
  • Time Management Skills – setting personal goals and staying on task to complete those goals.
  • Organization Skills – able to plan, follow a schedule and get stuff done.
  • Persistence – keeping a positive attitude and not giving up.


  • 40% of all ads you sell. You get 40% of the initial ad, AND you get 40% every time that advertiser renews the ad.

We have over 1000 different available ad spaces which can be classified into one of 6 groups of ads:

  • High Visibility – (20 ad spaces) These ad spaces are visible on every page of the directory or on every page of the website. Most of our sites charge between $150 and $500 a month for these ad spaces.
  • Home Page – (15 ad spaces) These ad spaces are visible on the home page. Most of our sites charge between $150 - $350 a month for these ad spaces
  • Targeted – (over 300 ad spaces) These ad spaces allow advertisers to target their ads to site visitors visiting specific pages (for example, “Dance”) or specific sections (for example “Programs and Classes”) Most of our sites charge between $25 - $250 a month for these ad spaces
  • Event – (10 ad spaces) These are ad spaces that are specifically for advertising events. Most sites charge between $20 and $100 per week for these ad spaces.
  • Featured Listings – (Over 750 featured listings available.) This bumps a free listing to the top of the page and displays the website address for the business in the summary view. Most sites charge $100 - $300 per year for featured listings.
  • Social Media – Sales Managers may sell ads in our newsletters, and/or charge business for posts on their social media pages. Most sites charge between $15 and $100 per social media advertisement

Interested candidates should fill out the form below with your qualifications.