How It All Began

Fun 4 US Kids started in Gainesville Florida with Fun 4 Gator Kids by Kathy Stewart in 2009.

Kathy was a stay-at-home mom who spent hours each week scouring the internet, newspaper and circulars for things to do with her kids. She would get frustrated at the lack of information, and at the number of web sites she had to visit before finding what she was looking for. After, talking to other parents and teachers she discovered she was not alone and came up with a solution, fun4gatorkids.com.

Fun 4 Gator Kids is a website that provides families, caregivers and teachers with thousands of local resources for kids all in one convenient place. Fun 4 Gator Kids makes it easy for families to find kid friendly events (festivals, carnivals, parades, exhibits, shows, etc.) and kid activities (children's programs and classes, summer camps, sports programs, kids eat free, birthday parties resources and more) in their local community.

As Fun 4 Gator Kids grew, people started asking Kathy how could they bring her website concept to their local community. Kathy teamed up with her website developers J and Kristina Wadsworth at Digital Scribeworks to form Fun 4 US Kids.

Fun 4 US Kids is looking to expand to new markets. If you are interested in operating a Fun 4 US Kids franchise in your community, see our Start a Site page.

Our Team

  • Kathy Stewart

    Kathy Stewart has served as president of Fun4USKids since January 2013. Kathy…

  • J Wadsworth

    J Wadsworth has been program software systems since 1990. During the 90s…

  • Kristina Wadsworth

    Kristina Wadsworth helped formed Fun4USKids in January 2013 and serves as the…