J Wadsworth has been program software systems since 1990. During the 90s he wrote and maintained programs for a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal system and Tax Billing and Collections systems. These systems were used by property appraisers and tax collectors to appraise real estate and tangible personal property and collect the taxes. He also created the first GUI pen tablet application for property appraisers to perform field data collection.

In the 2000s he went to Atlanta to build and run a data center for a direct marketing lead generation company. The systems and process he managed and helped develop for the data center had the capability to process a billion records in 3 days from raw data to information which could be ordered through an intranet site by the sales staff without the need for a technical staff to produce the orders. After the company was purchased by a competitor, J became a contract employee for Wachovia performing development for their Business Intelligence division. He left Wachovia to start his own company to build and maintain Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal systems again.

During his off-time he would help his wife, Kristina with her website maintenance and design company Digital Scribeworks. Through his wife he met Kathy Stewart who had the idea of starting Fun 4 Gator Kids. He built the site for her and that business eventually led to Kathy, Kristina and J to found Fun 4 US Kids. J performs the technical tasks required to build the sites, maintain the infrastructure and provide the support for any technical issues that arise.