Business Model

Is running a Fun4USKids website a part-time or full-time commitment?

While your schedule can be flexible, owning a Fun 4 US Kids franchise is a full time commitment. This is not a business that can be successful as a side gig. Franchisees are required to make this business their full time priority; and are not permitted to work other jobs or own other businesses which might interfere with their ability to focus on the business full time. You must have time available during standard work hours to be able to interact with local business owners in order to sell advertising. It is strongly recommended that you work weekend events during event seasons. It's important to the success of the entire franchise that you give your business your full attention to be as successful as possible.

It is required that all sites have a minimum of 2 people working on the business; 1 of whom is primarily responsible for content management (keeping the website calendar and directory up to date.) Most of our current franchisees have employed at least 1 content manager, and some have also employed a social media manager. The total amount of hours required correlates with the size of the market. Larger markets may require additional workers and/or more hours of work in order to keep the website up to date. There are certain times during the year that you will work more and other times when you will work less. Generally speaking, the slowest time of year are when the kids are out of school (Thanksgiving week, Christmas break, spring break, and summer break.)

What Does a Franchisee Do?

We recommend that as the franchisee, you spend most of your time divided between marketing the website and selling ads every month. The 2nd person working on your site should be a content manager who will be primarily responsible for finding and updating the content. During peak seasons, you may also need to spend time working on updating the content as well. Monthly, we provide you direction on what aspects of your business need to be worked on in order to keep up with seasonal events in your area and to be ready for upcoming marketing opportunities. You are the boss, so you determine when and how you spend your time to accomplish these goals. Here is an overview of work which needs to be accomplished each month:

Updating the website

  • Searching for listings
  • Reviewing listings submitted to the website
  • Entering listings in to the directory and the calendar

Marketing the website to grow site traffic

  • Posting to social media
  • Sending out events emails
  • Working family events throughout the year
  • Delivering marketing materials around town
  • Form partnerships with local businesses

Selling ads for the website

  • Contacting potential advertisers by phone and email
  • Creating ad images (no graphic design experience necessary and no fancy software required)
  • Designing ad flyers such as special offers, one sheets, media kits, and quotes
  • Posting ads to the website
  • Management and bookkeeping tasks

You need to be comfortable with the following:

  • Managing your time
  • Managing and coaching your content manager
  • Learning new computer software
  • Using a computer and basic office software
  • Searching the Internet
  • Data entry
  • Posting and interacting on social media
  • Interacting with local families and business owners
  • Making sales calls and talking to people you’ve never met before
  • Basic accounting skills

No website design or coding knowledge is necessary. We provide training and/or tutorials to ensure that you are comfortable with the software we provide and the website services recommend.

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